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"Always on time, explained all the different exercises, motivated me to push myself."
Nov 14, 2019

Dr Hossam A El Refaie has been treating my back for 4 weeks and I am now able to walk without extensive pain. I have never been to such a fine therapist. I am so thankful. His hands are priceless. He has great knowledge.

Lela M C

A friend referred me to Hossam and I am so grateful because I no longer have pain after years of suffering! I had neck and lower back pain that I had been seeing a chiropractor for over 2 years in hopes of getting some pain and range of motion relief. Hossam spent over an hour with me working on my neck muscles and by the time I left his office I had approx. 95% range of motion back and NO PAIN!!! He also identified the root cause of my lower back and was able to alleviate that pain in 2 visits. He showed me some exercises to do at home to stay healthy and pain free. Not only did he help me with my pain, he is also very friendly and has a very relaxing environment for treatments. I recommend Hossam and East & West Physical Therapy to anyone looking for physical therapy or help with pain.

Laura McCurdy

Great work, I recommend him to everyone

Carlos Viel

Hossam helped me through the rehabilitation of my ACL surgery 11 years ago and again recently after reinjuring my knee. I was in a lot of pain and couldn't walk but after 3 weeks of therapy, I am now back to my normal activities. He is very knowledgeable, caring and professional. Crossing my fingers that it won't happen again but if it does I'll definitely be calling on Hossam again.

Trisha Reinert

I was in a lot of pain at the time I was being treated. After each adjustment I was out of pain which would last for 2 months or so. This adjustment helped so much! I no longer have pain!

Fern P.

Hesam helped my 92-year-old husband for many years by providing encouragement, by exercising his legs and helping him walk alone, by using a sonar device to loosen his muscles and in every way possible to allow his mobility and comfort. His friendship and caring were important to my husband.

Sarah G.

The PT treated me very well, his work was excellent and I would recommend him to everyone.

Rachid B.

EWPT is fabulous!!!

Paul Anderson

Amazing! This doctor has hands! He helped me with my shoulder after doing heavy work at a distributing center.

Fadi Qaud

When my husband, an amputee of the left leg required therapy Hossam of East and West Physical Therapy came to our home. Both impressed with his care and obvious training and knowledge, when later I sustained an injury - a fall on icey grass, pinning my right leg under my body, three doctors recommended therapy. With expertise of Hossam of East and West Physical Therapy I was fully restored. I still return to East and West Physical Therapy whenever my legs alert me. You will find me at the Mall walking, exercising at 85 years.

Shirley D.

I feel like a new person! My hip was out of joint when I started and I couldn't go up or down stairs without pain, or get in and out of the car without pain. I was not able to sleep more than about 2 hours at a time. Now I am walking, driving, and sleeping a full night. I wish I had started sooner. Hossam El-Rafaie is very personable and easy to talk with.

Nancy H.

Hossam is an excellent physical therapist. He is both professional and personable. I like his extensive knowledge base with how he explains my injury and the steps he takes to make it better. He also doesn't believe in causing pain during therapy.

Patricia L.

I have been getting physical for the pain incurred after a car hit me when i was walking. The therapy has improved my posture and the pain so that I am almost back to normal.

Joan B.

I was able to get more help than I've ever gotten from physical therapist in the three years since my back surgery. The knowledge and the care that, Hussam, the therapist gave me, was fantastic and fit right into what I need to learn. I am very impressed with him and his knowledge and his care for working with me. I would recommend him to anybody. He comes up with new ideas that I have never learned before in my time at Excell or any other gym for therapy. Thank you, Donna Linn

Donna Lee Linn

Hossam is very patient and is a great physical therapist!

Vickie S

Such a great experience! I really recommend going to East and West! Hossam is very knowledgeable and thorough in his approach to my problem, and the results were great. Also, I really loved the fact that I had 1 on 1 with the therapist-- opposed to other facilities! Thanks again for everything!

Summer E

I had Neck spasm, went to other Physiotherapy clinic, I felt no difference after several sittings, and my doctor suggested for Pain shots. I was not ready to take shots or surgery.

Friend of my husband recommended Dr Hossam, so I went to see him.

Dr Hossam worked on me, I felt huge difference in few sittings, the pain was gone. He really feel your pain and work on you.

I highly recommend Dr. Hossam for any one suffering with neck,back/knee pain or injury. He is very knowledgeable and experienced.

Wahida Sultana

Excellent service, very knowledgeable and experienced!! he really feel your pain and work on you to heal the pain.I went to other physiotherapy clinic for my neck spasm and saw no difference in my pain.my physician suggested for neck shots, which I was not comfortable taking. I made a good decision to come to East & West clinic and I see the huge difference. I feel much better and do not need to go through surgery or shots.I highly recommend Mr. Hossam to anyone having neck, back or knee injury/pain.

Waheeda Sultana

I had shoulder surgery in December of 2015. Started physical therapy a couple months after and was amazed at the amount of pain relief that I had gotten after the first session. I had shoulder surgery on my other shoulder a couple of years earlier and went to a different physical therapist with almost no results. Hossam shows the passion that you don't see in most doctors anymore. I plan on sending my wife to see him as I am sure he will be able to provide the same amount of relief for her.

Jason Smith

I had a knee issue for several months and I was hesitant to go and see any doctors. I complained to my friend who plays soccer with me and he referred Hossam. Next day I went to meet Dr. Hossam and he fixed my knee and I feel as a new born man. Thank you so much Dr. Hossam, for relieving me out of pain. God bless You!

Nozim Sharipov

I had a wonderful results for my back pain. I highly recommend!! Great physical therapist!

Danielle Colling

Had great result with my back pain. Friendly and great atmosphere. Recommend them to everyone to see for themselves.

Velinda Stone

Hossam El-Refaie has worked with me for two different pain treatments.

My first treatment sessions serveral years ago were for a knee replacement. The therapy I was receiving by another physical therapist wasn't improving my pain and mobility. Then I was introduct to Hossam and within several months his regiment of therapy improved my mobility and strength. Within time you couldn't tell which knee had been replaced.

This year I reinjured my rotator cuff and after dealing with many months of extreme pain and only 12" of mobility, I was able to connect with Hossam again. We worked together three times a week and I'm feeling better than ever.

Hossam has always taken great care to provide a thorough treatment plan a very caring attitude. He has worked miracles with me and I consider him a Master Therapist. I would recommend him to friends and family without hesitation. I appreciate all he has done for me and consider him a friend.

Edwin J. Hustak Sr.

My back was in constant pain and Hossam worked on it. After a few weeks of therapy, it was greatly improved - no more pain. The friendly and highly knowledgeable staff are determined to help the problem and they do! What pleased me the most in the course of my treatment was the helpful, pleasant attitude of healing and the desire and intention of assisting with the healing process together with listening to the patient carefully. Each patient seems to experience the comforting nature of the therapist and staff.


Both my sons are high school wrestlers who were treated at East & West Physical Therapy for neck/shoulder injuries. Thanks to Hossam, both experienced an almost immediate improvement and a quick recovery. East & West Physical Therapy takes the time to get to know their patients so the correct treatment can be done to get you on the road to recovery very quickly. Because of Hossam, our sons were able to get back to competition quicker. I would highly recommend East & West Physical Therapy.

D. Anderson

I had a knee replacement in October 2012. I went to a rehab center for a week and had in-home therapy for another three weeks. I continued to do the exercises at home on my own. After 6 months, I still had knee pain and decided to make an appointment with Hossam.

I had therapy three times per week. After two weeks, I was pain free! Hossam has a gentle and caring manner for the well being of his patients. He has a thorough knowledge of how the body's systems relate to one another and uses this knowledge to improve the quality of life for those he treats.

S. Paladino