Welcome to Our Practice - Your First Visit

During your first visit to our clinic, our Physical Therapist will perform an evaluation and consult with you about your condition. Your therapist will then formulate a physical therapy program based on your physician's recommendations and the results of the evaluation. Your physical therapy takes into account your expectations and goals, your age, and your physical abilities.

If you are in pain at the time of your first visit, you should expect your physical therapist to provide a treatment that offers you pain relief. To achieve this, you may be provided with pain control modalities such as ultrasound or cold packs. Manual therapy may be used to relieve pain and restore function. Your therapist may provide you with instructions for using proper positioning to control your pain symptoms. Exercise is almost always a vital part of your program. Patients usually receive instructions in exercises to be done in our gym or to be done at home.

Each physical therapy session is typically scheduled for one hour. Your program may take longer if it entails gym exercise training.

Other things you can expect during your first visit are explained in the video below. The video will start when 30% of it has loaded. Turn up your speakers.

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